The Most watched Interviews Of All Time

Following the much-awaited Meghan and Harry interview with Oprah Winfrey the viewings generated have meant that it now sits with some of the most watched interviews of modern times. With over 17 million Americans tuning in and 12m Brits tuning in the following day, Oprah has once again facilitated impressive viewing figures.

In accordance to Axios Media Trends Oprah Winfrey has not only generated numbers with Meghan and Harry, but the most viewed interview of all time with Michael Jackson in 1993 with 62.3 million views. Here are the most watched interviews of all time, which are dominated by female hosts.

  1. Michael Jackson (1993), Oprah Winfrey, 62.3M
  2. Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley (1995), Diane Sawyer, 60.0M
  3. Monica Lewinsky (1999), Barbara Walters, 48.5M
  4. Richard Nixon (1977), David Frost, 45.0M
  5. Bill and Hillary Clinton (1992), Steve Kroft, 34.0M
  6. Barack and Michelle Obama (2008), Steve Kroft, 24.5M
  7. Diana, Princess of Wales (1995), Martin Bashir, 23.0M
  8. Stormy Daniels (2018), Anderson Cooper, 22.1M
  9. Whitney Houston (2002), Diane Sawyer, 21.0M
  10. John and Patsy Ramsey (2000), Barbara Walters, 19.6M
  11. Donald Trump (2016), Lesley Stahl, 18.8M
  12. Donald Trump and Mike Pence (2020), Norah O’Donnell, 17.4M
  13. Prince Harry and Meghan Markel (2021), Orprah Winfrey, 17.1 M
  14. Caitlin Jenner (2015) Diane Sawyer, 17.1M
  15. Jaycee Dugard (2011), Diane Sawyer, 14.8M

Source: Axios Media Trends

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