Wannabe Foodie #12: Doughnut Time, Shaftesbury Avenue

Bringing the down under to London, Doughnut time has bought an exciting way to eat lavish doughnuts. With spots all over London, I headed to their flagship in Shaftesbury Avenue and tried out their tasty treats!

From the infamous Nutella stuffed doughnut to the Percy Pink pearls, Doughnut Time has a doughnut for every taste bud and fancy! I went for the Nutella classic (served with a mini Nutella Jar!), Kinder Egg doughnut and the Malteser Bunny number.

Doughnut time bakes their doughnuts fresh and once they’re gone, they’re gone! The first doughnut I devoured was the Nutella filled doughnut and I am telling you, they do not scrimp on that chocolatey goodness. As the filling is quite dense, you could probably (as much as you might not want to share this with someone. I personally loved it, however eating the whole thing, for me, was a mistake. When Doughnut Time say Nutella filled, they mean it!

Once the Nutella reign had calmed down, I moved onto the Kinder Egg doughnut. It was the vibrant orange icing and the prospect of building a toy that attracted me to this little baby and it did not disappoint. With no filling in this one, it was a lot easier on the stomach, you could really taste the freshness of the bake in this one. Topped with an actual Kinder Egg,t he decoration did not fail Doughnut’s time creative reputation .

Finally for the third course I tried the Malteaster bunny doughnut. This has a gorgeous chocolate outside, followed by a Malteser chocolate bunny topping. I gobbled this up in no time and I would say was my favourite out of the ones I tried.

The price points of these doughnuts, start from £4.50 and get cheaper per doughut depending on how many you buy. I would recommend going for a box of four and splitting the cost rather than going for four separate delights.

Alongside the regular showstoppers that Doughnut Time offers, the special edition doughnuts are also on my bucket list. The thematic nature of their specials, really encompass the diversity in and around London, embracing Chinese New year and Easter, just to name a few.

I am yet to try the famous Percy Pig delight, but I know I will definitely be revisiting this spot!

Try them out for yourself: https://doughnuttime.co.uk/

96 Shaftesbury Ave, London W1D 5ED

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