Battle of the Body Butters: Pt.1

As we ascend into spring, the desire to get those limbs out will become ever more inviting and what better way to debut your skin than with a good slathering of body butter.

This will be a monthly series where I delve into serious body butter investigation by testing a new body butter every month and reporting the results to you lovely readers. I am basing my experiences off of one use a day over my whole body (as that is realistic for me). I will mainly be focusing on my knees and elbows, as these are where the desert collects.  At the end of my quest I hope to discover my ultimate body butter!

The criteria for my search will be based on longevity (how long the product lasted me), value for money, post shave results and general skin changes. I will finish up with a summary, where I rate the product based on these criteria.

To kick start my journey, I am opting for an absolute classic in the shape of Palmers Cocoa Butter. I purchased this in a pump bottle in order to ease my body butter experience after showering.  There are many different variations of this butter, but I went for the Vitamin E enriched cocoa butter.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E

Palmer’s is renowned for it’s Cocoa Butter collections so I had to try it out! With this particular bottle around four pumps was great for my whole body. I got approximatley two and a half weeks of use out of this product and used it once a day.

For daily use this product was fantastic. It not only left my skin hydrated for the whole day, but it was great for after shaving too! I tended to pump the body butter into my hand and then pat it in to my body before rubbing it in a circular motion. Because I have relatively dry skin, it was absorbed really well.  After the first week of use, my skin was really soft and seemed to naturally diminish blemishes. After the second week of use, my skin still felt hydrated and more even, after the shower.

Post shave, I feel that this product would be great for all skin combos (in different quantities of course). I would consider my skin normal/dry combo and I could use 1.5 pumps for my legs and it did a great job. If you’re a fan of the cocoa butter scent, then the whole range is great for you, but if odourless is your preference then opt for this fragrance free option!

Try it for yourself:

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