New Try: Nip and Fab Bee Sting Body Souffle

With an experimental feel in the air, I thought I would give the Nip+Fab Bee Sting Deluxe Body Soufflè a go. So over the last few weeks, I’ve been making this cream a nightly ritual after I shower. Nip+Fab claim thaat this product plumps and reapirs skin with its primary ingredient of bee venom. I naturally was intrigued by this.

As there was a warning on the bottle to not use this, if allergic to bees, admittedly, I was slightly nervous that it may sting a tad. This was definitely not the case. In fact it was quite the opposite.


With regards to its consistency, it’s a lovely way to easily moisturise your skin without the sticky after layer. I found that even after shaving, it makes for great after care. Because of what this product claimed, I decided to particularly target my thighs and bum, as well as around my hips, however, I did use it over my whole body.

I made this 200ml tube last me just over two weeks (with once a day, everyday use). Of course, this will differ from person to person. At first, I found my skin was immediately softer and stays soft until the next day. It helped me with my dry knees and elbows.  After a week, I found that my targetted areas generally looked smoother, however, I couldn’t really tell a difference with the plump. So when it came it to the end of the tube, I gave my skin a once over a made a judgement of the product.

Overall my skin was a lot smoother and stayed hydrated and bright, but I feel that this is achieved by lots of lotions on the market. With the main feature of this product being the plumping properties, that’s what I decided to look for over the course of my use. For me, this product didn’t really make a difference to the fimness of my skin. This was just for my skin and may be different for others. For me, this was a nice soufflè, but had the consistency of a lotion. As for the results I found that it made my skin look great, but nothing that nothing else on the market couldn’t do.

I personally would reccomend this for the non sticky after layer, but not for anything else.

If you want to try this out for yoursef, check out the link below!

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