Wannabe Foodie #10: You Me Sushi, Grays Inn Road

With sushi being a fresh summer favourite for a lot of foodies, You Me Sushi is an affordable alternative to eating in a restaurant.  They offer high quality selection boxes as well as the option to put your own together. I went into the Grays Inn road store, but there are also seven other stores around London and delivery is offered too.

I went for the Tokyo Roll Speciality Box, which came with edame beans, a piece of chicken tempura and the sushi roll. Sushi rolls typically have nori (seaweed wrap) on the outside and rice in the middle, but the Tokyo Roll has the rice on the exterior and a nori inside. The filling of this roll contains fresh salmon, spicy mayo, cucumber, avocado, flying fish roe and finely chopped chives. This sushi box came with a free side of miso soup and came to £7.95. It was delicious and definitely worth it!

In general I am not a huge fan of miso soup, so this was mostly left, but the sushi was fantastic. I tended to alternate my bites between the wasabi and soy as well as the side of pickled cabbage. It was fresh and filled me up (which was surprising). For those of you who enjoy miso soup, that’s a tasty little treat you can indulge in too!

Tokyo Roll

The lunchtime service at You Me Sushi was great, it was quick and the staff were very polite. This, coupled with the price tag, you can’t really complain.

Price: ££/£££££

Check it Out: 180 Grays Inn Rd, Holborn, London WC1X 8EW

Wannabe Foodie #7: Dishoom, Carnaby

Having never seen this spot without a waiting list, I had to give Dishoom’s delights a try. I decided to opt for the Carnaby branch and it was not a disappointment!

As there was a lunchtime waiting list, we headed to the bar to try some of the infamous bottomless House Chai (until 5pm). The flavours of spice blend and warmth of was a perfect way to save us from the rain outside. We were seated fairly quickly and were seated under the skylight, on the lounge sofas. This spot is great for a lunchtime catch up and if you don’t mind a relaxed eating area, this is perfect!

We decided to order a selection of things so we could share and try different things. We went for:

Far Far is a crispy snack, that has the texture of a prawn cracker and salty too. This a a great way to start off the meal if you’re starving because they come out so quick, but if I was to skip something off the menu it would definitely be this. Compared to the rest of the menu this is not the most exciting.

Chilli Cheese Toast is exactly what is says on the tin. Delicious, melted cheddar cheese on a thick slice of white bloomer with the kick of chilli. This was a delight and a no brainer for veggies!

Paneer Tikka, is, straight up, the way to show that you cannot have enough cheese. Paneer is a milk curd used a lot in Indian cooking. It bears resemblance to the texture of tofu, but with subtle flavour. At Dishoom it is marinated and charred and served with green peppers. Delight!

Okra Fries in the house!! Taking lady’s fingers and turning them into a deep fried delight. Truly a display of finger food and how Dishoom make vegetables amazing. Try these dipped in the selection of sauces and chutneys that they give you.

Gunpowder Potatoes, I think were my favourite in this veggie feast. Taking the humble potato and grilling them with seeds, spices and fresh herbs, this is a gem. I could eat a whole plate of this on it’s own, and the heat of the aloo (potato) goes well with cooling raita.

Pau Bhaji continues to showcase the versatility of the aloo and is true that carbs are the one! Pau Bhaji is a bowl of mashed, spiced veg served with a hot, buttery roll, homemade of course. Great accompaniment with tea and if you want to nip in for a quick snack.

Although, you might be questioning the absence of meat, this vegetarian feast was fabulous and, being a meat eater myself, I did not feel its absence. Indian food is renowned for it’s flavour and flair with simple ingredients and Dishoom elevates that!

The service here was fabulous! Not only were we constantly topped up on out bottomless chai, but we were always checked on. The waiter was great at explaining what each dish was and recommended complimentary dishes.

Price: ££

Check it out: http://www.dishoom.com/