Soap and Glory Sundays: Pt.3

After a big gap, I am pleased to announce that Soap and Glory Sundays are back! And I’m going to begin by writing about a face soap that I have recently introduced into my regime.

I was eyeing this face wash up for a while, and I have to admit I was skeptical because I associated Soap and Glory with predominantly body care.  As a novice to Soap and Glory face care, I decided to give the face wash a chance.

Soap and Glory Face Soap & Clarity 3-in-1 Daily Vitamin C Facial Wash, claims to gently exfoliate and purify skin, as well as remove make up (not eye make up of course). So I put this blue wonder to the test and was pleasantly surprised!

In true Soap and Glory fashion, the packaging for this product is fantastic! With a see through bottle, you can see the vibrant blue wash encompassing the bright pink exfoliating beads, and I have to admit it made me want to crack open the bottle as soon as I got it. It seemed to me that you got a lot of bang for your buck as the bottle is quite big and a little goes a long way.

After using this product for about 3 weeks now, my skin is looking even more refreshed and is great for daily use. It doesn’t dry out my skin and is great to remove the make up that you might have missed from your cleansing routine. I found, that even with London hard water, this soap lathered up so well and smells amazing! It’s made with a yuzu complex as well as amino acids. Now I haven’t used this long enough to attest to the long term affects of these ingredients, but I can say it removes the make up comparatively  better than other face washes I have tried.

The scent of the face wash continues to uphold the Soap and Glory trademark of gorgeous smells! It’s very fresh and is almost like a subtle hint of their body products. All in all I have been satisfied with this product and is great intro to the face care that Soap and Glory has to offer.

Try it out for yourself:

   Face Wash

Battle of the Body Butters: Pt.1

As we ascend into spring, the desire to get those limbs out will become ever more inviting and what better way to debut your skin than with a good slathering of body butter.

This will be a monthly series where I delve into serious body butter investigation by testing a new body butter every month and reporting the results to you lovely readers. I am basing my experiences off of one use a day over my whole body (as that is realistic for me). I will mainly be focusing on my knees and elbows, as these are where the desert collects.  At the end of my quest I hope to discover my ultimate body butter!

The criteria for my search will be based on longevity (how long the product lasted me), value for money, post shave results and general skin changes. I will finish up with a summary, where I rate the product based on these criteria.

To kick start my journey, I am opting for an absolute classic in the shape of Palmers Cocoa Butter. I purchased this in a pump bottle in order to ease my body butter experience after showering.  There are many different variations of this butter, but I went for the Vitamin E enriched cocoa butter.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E

Palmer’s is renowned for it’s Cocoa Butter collections so I had to try it out! With this particular bottle around four pumps was great for my whole body. I got approximatley two and a half weeks of use out of this product and used it once a day.

For daily use this product was fantastic. It not only left my skin hydrated for the whole day, but it was great for after shaving too! I tended to pump the body butter into my hand and then pat it in to my body before rubbing it in a circular motion. Because I have relatively dry skin, it was absorbed really well.  After the first week of use, my skin was really soft and seemed to naturally diminish blemishes. After the second week of use, my skin still felt hydrated and more even, after the shower.

Post shave, I feel that this product would be great for all skin combos (in different quantities of course). I would consider my skin normal/dry combo and I could use 1.5 pumps for my legs and it did a great job. If you’re a fan of the cocoa butter scent, then the whole range is great for you, but if odourless is your preference then opt for this fragrance free option!

Try it for yourself:

New Try: Nip and Fab Bee Sting Body Souffle

With an experimental feel in the air, I thought I would give the Nip+Fab Bee Sting Deluxe Body Soufflè a go. So over the last few weeks, I’ve been making this cream a nightly ritual after I shower. Nip+Fab claim thaat this product plumps and reapirs skin with its primary ingredient of bee venom. I naturally was intrigued by this.

As there was a warning on the bottle to not use this, if allergic to bees, admittedly, I was slightly nervous that it may sting a tad. This was definitely not the case. In fact it was quite the opposite.


With regards to its consistency, it’s a lovely way to easily moisturise your skin without the sticky after layer. I found that even after shaving, it makes for great after care. Because of what this product claimed, I decided to particularly target my thighs and bum, as well as around my hips, however, I did use it over my whole body.

I made this 200ml tube last me just over two weeks (with once a day, everyday use). Of course, this will differ from person to person. At first, I found my skin was immediately softer and stays soft until the next day. It helped me with my dry knees and elbows.  After a week, I found that my targetted areas generally looked smoother, however, I couldn’t really tell a difference with the plump. So when it came it to the end of the tube, I gave my skin a once over a made a judgement of the product.

Overall my skin was a lot smoother and stayed hydrated and bright, but I feel that this is achieved by lots of lotions on the market. With the main feature of this product being the plumping properties, that’s what I decided to look for over the course of my use. For me, this product didn’t really make a difference to the fimness of my skin. This was just for my skin and may be different for others. For me, this was a nice soufflè, but had the consistency of a lotion. As for the results I found that it made my skin look great, but nothing that nothing else on the market couldn’t do.

I personally would reccomend this for the non sticky after layer, but not for anything else.

If you want to try this out for yoursef, check out the link below!

Liz Earle: Hot Cloth Cleanser

I’m baccckkkk!

With the make up world baking our face, we sometimes forget the importance of taking it all off at the end of the day. After painfully seraching for the best way to remove my make up, I finally got round to trying the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser. This is a great multi use product, as it removes your eye make up too!

The Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser normally comes paired with the Liz Earle Pure Cotton Muslin Cloth, which I think works the best, but you can use any muslin cloth you like.

The cleanser itself is a creamy consistency and is used straight on your face. This is a great way to gently remove your make up without ripping your eyelashes out. After the make up starts to melt away, you soak the muslin cloth in warm water and wipe away the make up. If I have a full face, I tend to do this twice, just to make sure I have removed everything properly.

I found that this doesn’t dry my face out, so after rinsing (if I’m feeling lazy) I don’t necessarily need to moisturise… but of course I would follow this up with a night cream before I sleep away.

In terms of price, I think this cleanser is reasonable and the muslin cloths are reusable (you can just chuck them in the washing machine and they’re ready to go again!).

Liz Earle often has packages offers online and is great way to try their products and see what works best with your skin. This cleanser also comes in a scented version.

This cleanser really is my new go to! It’s affordable, it works and you only need a couple of pumps at a time. It’s a product that I reccomend to all my friends.

Check it out here:


Soap and Glory Sundays: Pt.2

Welcome to the second part of my product review for The Whole Glam Lot. Now we’re all buttered up from last week’s body butter run through, I’m going to be chatting about the prequel! Shower gel! Sugar Crush Body Wash to be precise. The bottle in this set comes in a pump (500ml) and can also be used as bubble bath. This product is great to start your morning with a zing.

The texture of the shower gel is quite creamy and is perfect to use with exfoliating gloves and loofah. It lathers up very easily and leaves your skin feeling nourished. Just like with the Body Butter, I assumed that this product would be heavily scented, however, I found it to be very gentle on my skin. If you’re  one for an odourless shower gel, the I would not recommend this shower gel. Although, it is scented it is perfect for everyday use.

I have used Sugar Crush Body Wash for over a month now and I still have plenty left. A little goes a long way so don’t be tempted to tip out the whole bottle on your first use. I also tried the product out as a bubble bath (as the bottle suggested) and found that I preferred it as a shower gel.

TIP: Feel free to make this into a scrub by adding some granulated sugar or salt into your hand before mixing with the shower gel. I always chose to follow through with a moisturiser, but using the shower gel on it’s own is quite nourishing it itself.

You can also get this in a travel sized bottle, so is perfect for smelling delightful on your holidays!!

Grab your bottle here:

Thrifty Thursdays: Garnier Skin Active Tissue Mask

I’m back with the second of my Thrifty Thursday series! Today I’ve chosen the Moisture Bomb, Tissue Mask from Garnier’s Skin Active Range. This is a thrifty alternative to getting a moisturising facial at the spa, as it leaves your skin feeling hydrated for a week!

I decided to choose this mask because it worked so well for it’s price point. It was only a couple of pounds and is great for travelling and using after a hectic week.

Garnier, Moisture Bomb, Tissue Mask

To get the most out of this mask,  I started by cleansing and exfoliating my face (check out my Winter Hacks Blog to make your own scrub). I then peeled the mask and put it gel side down on my face. The packet says to leave on for 15 mins, but  I found the longer you keep it on the better. Feel free to use this time to get on with some odd jobs or work. I’m actually wearing one whilst writing this blog! Then peel off and massage the excess into your face.

That is why this mask is so great for travelling, because there is no water required. What a great way to step off a plane!

Tips: I used this mask after popping it in the fridge to magnify the cooling effect and make my skin feel extra hydrated.

If you have extra gel on the mask, try massaging into you hands, it’ll make them feel great.

Try it out for yourself

Homemade scrub

No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush

Hi All!

With the importance of skincare becoming more and more prominent, I thought it was time for me to try a rotating brush. I decided on the No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush. Not only is this priced at a great price point, but it gave me the results I wanted.

I have been using this brush for the last month or so now and it is still doing a great job. As I have just moved to the city, I needed to up the game on my cleansing routine and this brush was a great place to start. It’s a light little gadget that you can pair with your cleanser and it makes your skin feel great for the next stage in your skincare.

There are two settings on the brush and it comes with a detachable head that you can wash after every use. I used the gentler setting around my nose and the higher setting on my forehead (as this is a bit more resilient than softer areas on the face) and it worked a treat. After the first use, my skin was instantly softer and the black heads around my nose noticeably reduced. The brush works by rotating and you guiding it around your face, and gently exfoliating the skin. Although this is a face brush, I also used it on the front and back of my neck in order the get an all round clean and feel fresher.

I wouldn’t recommend using this with a thick cleanser, but this was just my preference as I felt the brush rotated better with a thinner consistency. I did also try this brush with my daily face wash and I loved it! I only use the brush on my face for around two minutes as I feel I don’t need it more than that. My skin type is combination. It gets oily in the middle and is normal around the edges and I found the brush was suitable for it.

I feel like I’ll stick with this brush and keep using it in the future. Overall I would give it an eight out ten for doing what is says on the box.

Check it out for yourself, I have popped a link below:

TIP: By using the No7 vouchers that are often given in store, you can get and extra £5 this face brush.

Thrifty Thursday: Rose Water

Hi All,

This will be the first of my Thrifty Thursdays series, where I will be sharing my DIY hacks and skincare tips that you can do on a budget. If you have any skincare issues then comment below and I can include my suggestions in my next blog.

I cannot rave enough about rose water! With rose water always being  staple in my household I can vouch for this product. It is easy to get and can be used for many things. From anti- ageing to creating an eye soak, rose water is an affordable multi-wonder.

Here are my top five ways that I use rose water:

KTC Rose Water
  1. As a refreshing Face Mask: Add 4 tbsp of rose water to half a cup of Greek/natural set yogurt. Apply to the face (including the lips, but avoiding the eyes) and let sit for at least 15 minutes. This is great to do before having an evening shower. After letting the mask sit, wash with lukewarm water and then a splash of cold water. Follow with your favourite moisturizer.
  2. As a Setting Spray: As inspired by Huda Beauty, simply mix 1 part rose water to 2  part mineral water in a spray bottle and spray a thin layer over your made up face.
  3. As a an Eye Soak:  Rose water is fantastic for soothing the eyes and help to alleviate puffiness. Pop some rose water onto cotton pads and place them on the eye. This works best by chilling the rose water before popping them onto the cotton pads.
  4. As an Eye Mask: By combing the benefits of rose water and potato, you can use this mask to help mask the appearance of dark under eyes and puffiness. Start by grating a potato in a bowl and add 1 tbsp of rose water. Then make small patties in your hands and squeeze out any excess water, then place the patties on your eyes. You can re use this mixture by keeping in the fridge in a box. it lasts for about a week in the fridge.
  5. As a Primer: Just as the rose water and water mix can be used as a setting spray it can also be used as a toner to help your skin glow. Use after cleansing and leave to dry before you put on your moisturizer.

You can grab a bottle of rose water cheaply from world food stores or your local supermarket. I use the KTC brand of rose water, but you can grab whatever bottle you like.

Treatment Tuesday: Cupping

The internet has been taken by storm with news of cupping treatments. Just like many trendy luxuries, this is not a new phenomenon and  is an ancient practice.

For those of you who don’t know, cupping is uses as a means to promote blood flow and help detox the skin. This is done by using cups to create suction on the skin (think love bite type suction). This can be done using heat or pressure to create suction. This is done on the back and can leave bruise like marks, but soon fade after  few days. The suction causes your blood vessels and encourage healing and detox of the skin.

I’m always  fan of trying something new, so I decided to give it a go. I went down to the Maple Salon in Chinatown, London and let the therapist work her magic.

My treatment started with a 1 hour thai body massage which was amazing, she then proceeded to use plastic cups on my back and used pulleys to create suction (kind of like a syringe). After the cups were sucked onto my back, I was left for 30 minutes to relax. Unlike a massage, it is a very passive treatment which is why it felt so strange, but once the cups were popped of my back, it felt like taking your heels off after a night out. My body was so relaxed. My back is currently cover in round love bite type marks, which means it definitely works!

Overall I would recommend this treatment if you if you have an achy back and want to try something new. It’s a great way to pep yourself up if you feeling a little tense. I would not suggest this treatment if you have a heavy work load after because you will most likely fall asleep.

If you’re in London, check out Maple Salon, the service there is fantastic. There are many different kinds of cupping treatments and mine was heat free, feel free to look around and decide which treatment you want to try.

If you want to get an idea of fire cupping, check out this Buzzfeed video:


L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks

With face mask bombarding us everywhere we go, I found  delightful trio that work wonders for your skin. At such a fantastic price point, there is no excuse not to try out Loreal’s Pure Clay Face Masks.

Having now tried all three masks, on numerous occasions, it is not only great for skincare, but provides a fabulous base for flawless make up.

  1. The first mask that I tried was the Pure Clay Detox mask and this wonder definitely screamed that black is the new black. The claims were that this mask clarifies and detoxes the skin. I can now say I am an advocate for this. After the first application a lot of the black heads that I got around my nose area were gently washed away and with repeated use my skin soon was lifted of the pollution in the city.
  2. The second treatment that I tried was the Pure Clay Glow mask and this red little number is great for next level exfoliation. This mask claims to brighten the skin and for someone who is constantly battling for a glow, I was surprised that this worked. The texture t first takes a bit of getting used to as it is gritty as opposed to smooth, but the instant glow after the first use is fantastic.
  3. The final mask that I used was the Pure Clay Purity Mask, which vibrant green colour should not be off putting. This mask is great for oily skin which claims to mattify and purify skin. I used this as part of a multi mask treatment as I only tend to get oily around my nose. Because of my skin type this mask wasn’t ideal for the whole of my face, but for my nose it was great to help my make up lat all day.

These masks are ideal for targeting your worry areas and can be used all at the same time as part of a multi mask treatment. Try using a brush to apply the mask to avoid wasting the mask on your fingers. IMG_1598

With most drug stores selling these masks for under a tenner, you can pick them up in the UK from these stores: