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Speaking to comedian, Sukh Ojla

Perisha Kudhail speaks with Sukh Ojla about her comedy journey.

The Joy of Letting Go: In Conversation with Priya Sharma

An insight into the journey of Priya Sharma and her van life. This young traveller plans to travel across Austalia in her van, which is her home.

Keeping your Mental health in Check: A Conversation with Dan Draper

An insight into the journey of podcaster and mental health advocate, Dan Draper.

Write Here, Write Now: Priyanka Mohan

Priyanka Mohan We have gone international baby! Having navigated the time difference, I managed to get hold of Digital Content Creator Priyanka Mohan. Identifying as a Third Culture Kid, Priyanka balances the influences of three cultures in her life, whist living in the Unites States of America. With an Indian background, but being born and […]


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