Write Here, Write Now: Priyanka Mohan

Priyanka Mohan

We have gone international baby! Having navigated the time difference, I managed to get hold of Digital Content Creator Priyanka Mohan. Identifying as a Third Culture Kid, Priyanka balances the influences of three cultures in her life, whist living in the Unites States of America. With an Indian background, but being born and raised in Dubai and then moving to the USA when she was 17, the three cultures have all played in a part in influencing her content today.

Sitting in her plant saturated living room, Priyanka delved into telling me about her journey into content creation. Her transition from Dubai to becoming a student at Virginia Tech, Washington DC is where Priyanka has resided for most of her USA life (just over 10 years). With a break up being the catalyst for a change in Priyanka’s life, she applied for jobs which was the start of her chapter in Minnesota.

“I didn’t know anybody, I didn’t know anything about Minnesota, I just put everything in my car and I drove”

With Minnesota being a completely different welcoming experience to any other state she had lived in before, Priyanka identified that her formative years were shaped by the diversity that came with her international moves. It was during this time that she became used to navigating the day to day life alone. Going to work and then coming home became template for her life for a while, and getting used to the different social construct in Minnesota was a challenge.

“I did try looking for that emotional and social connection”

Getting to a point where she was beginning to realise that she may not be integrated as she might’ve been living in the East Coast, she was beginning to think about leaving. It was at this point that she was told about a local influencer event from her regular coffee shop from which she began to mingle with people who wanted to meet other people.

During lockdown Priyanka really honed in on how she wanted to now present her content. Motivated by Social Justice and Positivity, she put her photography skills to work. Shaping her content to inspire people and taking the most beautiful images, she is constantly developing her craft.

“It’s been quite challenging”

Being the photographer and the subject of her own images presents itself as a challenge. Aligning her images now with her study of Fine Art and taking inspiration from colour and Pop Art, it is apparent that Priyanka is experimenting with cementing her own colourful style on her feed with her content. As her journey into colourful content creation grows so does her following and it with eagerness that I personally look forward to the creativity that comes paired with her photographs.

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