Write Here, Write Now: Meera Sharma

Meera Sharma

Meera Sharma is a myriad of talents, from being a radio presenter to writing and self-publishing The Book of Sass, she has conquered an array of creative projects which she shared with me. Speaking from the comfort of our bedrooms, Meera came laced in self-care and put my moisturising routine to shame as she was saturated in skin and hair oils. Skin was positively glowing.

Meera Sharma was born and raised in Lancashire, and made note that there were not many Asian families in that area at the time. With her childhood, she felt like grew up with a good mix of South Asian Culture and British Culture and balancing these two cultures is often reflected in her creative endeavours today.

Always having the ambition and drive to pursue something different, is what led Meera to decide to study Fashion Design at the University of Westminster and turn down her Law School offer. This off the cuff and ballsy move, was motivated by rebellion of the status quo. Describing the experience as very “Devil Wears Prada” the “bolshy Northerner” was often contrasting to what her tutors expected of her, however, led to her creating a collection that attracted a lot of press. Based on the premise of superheroes and having two identities, Meera created her first collection based around this.  

“I’m all about female empowerment…people have these preconceived ideas and I feel like for Asian women especially… people have this idea that we’re very timid and restricted and I just think not everyone is like that”

Gaining traction from her collection resulted in her being signed to a PR agent and mingling in the media world. During this time, Meera started delving more into the Bollywood Showbiz side of things when she began interviewing stars like Amitabh Bachan and writing fashion reviews on Bollywood stars for Bollyspice. This resulted in her presenting film reviews at the BBC Asian Network for the Raj and Pablo show which allowed her to be able to attend events where these stars would be. Indulging in this media saturation of her career made her realise that the lifestyle in fashion wasn’t the life she wanted to live. Choosing to then pursue a more media-based career, Meera went to work within media sales. Now in the working world, she then got the opportunity to go on Take Me Out.

 Yes. Take. Me. Out.

Going in with the same confidence as she did within fashion, Meera styled herself and was on a mission to represent her community in a different way. From showing a different insight into the Asian community, to gaining traction from the show (and meeting Paddy obviously) Meera met her now co-host Jaya.

 Jaya saw Meera on Take Me Out and through mutual friends, reached out and they both realised the way they wanted to represent their communities aligned. They likied and they lightied (that was awful please forgive me).

After liaising with each other they both had the goal of empowering women and pitched their radio show, Up Your Game, to Rukus Avenue Radio and got running.

“You don’t really see any shows where two Asian women come together like that in the UK”

Speaking about dating and relationships and breaking stereotypes, Meera and Jaya have spoke to some brilliant guests, including Natasha Sandhu and Naz from Love Island.

Alongside her growing radio show, Meera is constantly improving her creative outlet and different ways to motivate and empower women. This is where The Little Book of Sass came in. This book was a collection of sassy quotes and was created by Meera as a tool of empowerment for people and to keep them going. Self-Publishing on Amazon, just goes to demonstrate how headstrong this creative is and I look forward to seeing how she is going to develop even further!

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