Write Here, Write Now: Mehaa Seth Marwah

AmericanDesi – Mehaa Seth Marwah

Reaching out to blogger Mehaa Seth Marwah (owner of American Desi by MSM) was a no brainer for me. As a Californian who had chosen to move and settled in India, Mehaa set up her blog, American Desi by MSM as a way to document her transition as well as explore things that she loves. Looking to debunk the views that moving back to the East is often considered as ‘Reverse Migration’ and a disadvantage, she is shining a light on what India has offered her and why so many more people are choosing to settle there.

As a North American citizen, Mehaa was born and raised in California by an immigrant Punjabi Family. Having to flit between her Eastern and Western side, Mehaa had to adapt to her life in America and work with both sides of her culture. Being a studious young student, she was able to skip a school grade which meant that she was able to enrol into University at the age of 16.

Being drawn to Psychology and human behaviour, Mehaa pursued this in her study and gained two Bachelors Degrees in Marketing and Psychology. During this time is when Mehaa met her husband. They were introduced to each other through family and he was based in Delhi, she revealed that their first “international phone call that was 4 hours”- how romantic! From the get go they got on and since January 2013 took it in turns to visit each other.  Following her graduation with her Master’s, came the wedding in August 2014 and she had moved to Delhi to live with her husband in September 2014.

This blogger’s initial apprehensions abut moving to another country were eased by the knowledge that she knew her husband was right for her.

“He was the one thing I was sure about”

 Being used to an independent life in the USA, Mehaa was now getting accustomed to her new life in India. She found that “everyone underestimates me because I’m from the US”, and found ways to get around this. From tackling the roads in India, to indulging her hobbies, to working for her husband’s in laws. Bringing her marketing skills to the family business she began handling the business social media pages and found her love for writing.

After a few years, Mehaa decided to take a sabbatical to re group herself and get away from the hustle and bustle of the move for some time. During this time Mehaa began her blog and began documenting her experiences and transition time in India.

Living in Gurgaon, just outside of Delhi” Mehaa noted that there are a lot of international companies there so felt a sense of belonging here because of the diversity of people from different places. Speaking a mix of Hindi and English, comes a blend of “Hinglish” which was an apparency where Mehaa and her husband live.

“It’s a pretty young place and there’s lots going on”

Recognising her growth as a person whilst being in India, Mehaa has now taken her love for fashion and beauty and woven it into her blog -American Desi, by MSM. Using the surroundings around her, Delhi became a hub for beauty and fashion events which she attended. Still learning and adjusting to India, it is clear that she is very happy there. I loved hearing about her evolution and making the most of her environment, she made me consider a trip to India myself!

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