The Power of Colour

With Holi taking India’s streets by storm, the festival of colours is the perfect trigger for endorphins and goodness in our own selves. Holi is the Indian festival of colours and spring, which is celebrated with fights of powdered colour and celebration. With the significance of this festival being a great way of symbolising a new start, it’s a great reminder to us all to inject positive energy for spring. Many of us busy bodies live under the smog of the city and we forget to embrace the vibrancy of colour in our everyday living. From our diets to clothing choices, not only are we changing up our routines, but also encouraging a more positive mindset that can aid a happier lifestyle.

Here’s my guide to integrating more colour into your lives!

GREEN: With green being symbolic of life and nature, it’s only fitting that we add more greenery into our diets. From vibrant salads to tangy guacamole, making this small change will not only add fresher colour to the eye, but strengthen your gut health. A great way to do this is by making an amazing Budda Bowl, or even having a house herb plant.

Check out Dr Megan Rossi’s pick and choose gut goodness bowls:


YELLOW: As the colour paired with sunshine and happiness, it could be argued that yellow is primary to our lives and encouraging a cheerful outlook. An extremely simple way to integrate yellow into your lives is through accenting this colour throughout our daily living. Choose a yellow accessory, full outfit or even change up your work coffee mug to add more brightness.

Etsy’s top mug picks are sure to add some colour:

BLUE: This calming colour is synonymous with the sky and sea. It can encourage humility and calm. A great way to integrate this tranquillity in your life is by introducing it into your self-care routine. It can be as easy as using a blue bath bomb when taking a soak in the tub.

I recommend Lush’s Big Blue Bath Bomb:

RED: The saucy and passionate red goes hand in hand with encouraging determination. This is a great bold colour to put a spring in your step and feel empowered for the day. Sometimes simplicity is key and this can be achieved with the classic red lip.

This will become a staple to your make up look:


ORANGE: Being the love child of red and yellow, orange is an energetic colour and is reflected in our Vitamin C powerhouse, the humble orange. By simply eating more oranges during the day, we are not only providing our body with the vitamin C it needs, but giving us a citrus zing to stay awake through our infamous 3pm slumber. Even an orange or citrus scent can help us feel more awake and encourage creativity.

Try this amazing diffuser at home or at work:

Making even one of these small changes is a great way to bring more vibrancy intro your everyday living and encourage creativity. Happy Colouring!

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