Humble The Poet: A Live Experience Tour 2019

Gracing Shaw Theatre in Kings Cross, Kanwer Singh AKA Humble The Poet gave an insight into his writings with the aid of his trusty raps and backstory.


Even though I was in the back row, the intimate theatre meant that Humble was addressing the entire audience with his story and how he went from extreme debt to touring the world with his book tour. With a teaching background Humble made it clear how his skill set lay in making a lot of information digestible for anyone.

Unlearn and Things That No One Else Can Teach Us not only began as self-published pieces of writing, but are an aid to many people to make the most out of their life and enforce the best mindset to succeed. As a speaker himself he was very honest and passionate about the downfalls of life, which is typically atypical of motivational speakers and writers.

From hard hitting life losses to re setting his priorities , Humble doesn’t spare his audience the gritty details of his journey and how it was not plain sailing his life. It was uplifting, sad and motivational all at the same time. It was great to see a Sikh take to the stage and magnify his creative platform to inspire and help others as well as revealing his work revolves around the notion of Seva (selfless service). His tour was used as a platform to promote this primary belief in other people and encourgae support of on another.

I appreciate that his book is not designed to be read in any particular order, but to cater to even the laziest of readers, which works perfectly for me. All of his works have a high recommendation from me and you can flick to any page to get a small life lesson.


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