Wannabe Foodie #8: Milk Train, Covent Garden

Milk Train in London is definitely conducting the ice cream world into a candy floss filled arena. Combining classic ice cream toppings with creative flair, you can choose any ice cream you want.

I went for a ‘make your own’ ice cream and decided on the Oreo crumbled into the ice cream and covered it in cornflakes an desicated coconut in a cone surrounded by candy floss (because I’m a commercial marketers basic dream). I must say for a fairly pricey seven quid, you could probably remake this at home for a fraction of the cost, but the expereicne and novelty of it is great.

The location itself (located in Covent Garden) is an Insatgrammer’s dream. With a gorgeous flower wall, the décor matches the flouncy delicacy of the candy floss. Milk Train goes from basic flavours to the most complex ice cream pairings and it’s all in your hands!

My Cornflake Masterpiece

Overall I would give this ice cream, a 6.5/10. It was lovely and was a great way to bring the glamour to the humble iced treat, but the price was a bit steep considering what you were getting, however, the aesthetic was delightful.

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