Wannabe Foodie #5: Amorino, Covent Garden

Gelato Gelato Gelato! A fabulous dessert for fabulous people!

Gelato is an Italian style ice cream and is only referred to as Gelato in this instance. 

During this delightful British summer, I decided to venture into the realms of Covent Garden and came across Amorino. This immediately caught my attention because it was a hot evening and my sweet tooth was on a rampage! The store itself consists mainly of the gelato bar and a small seating area, so seemed great for a quick fix.

Amornio offers various portion sizes and you can either opt for a cone (ranging in size) or a tub (ranging in size). I went for the tub, just because I knew a cone would probably be a disaster for me! With the cones, the gelato (or sorbet) is shaped into a rose shape and looks gorgeous.

With a variety of flavours offered, Amorino appeals to even the fussiest of palettes. As there is a range of sorbets and gelatos, it is  also a great choice for those avoiding dairy. I went for three scoops of gelato. Ferrero Rocher, Blueberry Cheesecake and Hazelnut were my weapons of choice and it was delicious. Normally I am a through and through chocolate fiend, but I have to say the blueberry cheesecake was the star of the tub.

Three’s a charm!

I came to Amorino’s on a Friday night, it was not crazy busy and I couldn’t fault the service. Unfortunately I didn’t catch the name of my server, but she was lovely. She served everyone with a smile and making the rose cones whilst taking standard orders too!

In terms of prices, they range from £3.50 to £9.50 depending on what you get, which for the quality of product is worth it.

Check it out:


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