When I say Kojo, you say Funds…

The Golden Boy has given us a Warning that his tour around the UK is going to keep us in Check. He’s Dun Talkin, and ready to entertain the nation.

I had the pleasure of experiencing my first mosh pit in Manny last weekend. The vibe was hosted by Kojo Funds and his guests. Hosted at the o2 Ritz in Manchester, he graced the stage with his Golden Boy Mix tape and I thoroughly enjoyed!

We came into the venue and have to admit we weren’t there at the 7pm doors opening time… Asian Timing. We got there around 8:30pm when support act Alicai Harley was performing. She seemed very fun, kinda reminded me of Stefflon Don, but I don’t know if that was just the hair or not…

Fund’s hype man then took over and did as the title given to him, we got hyped! With tracks played, by Kojo Funds, as well as other tracks within the grime and hip hop genre I can say that this was just what we needed before the gig. As with standard for hype men, we did a right vs left side of the room competition, except this time the winning side had free merch fired into it. I just wasn’t strong enough to make the cut to grab a free t-shirt (sad times).

‘Brown skinned girl, get your silly on’

Then the gig began and out came Funds with a spark in his step as this was only his second performance of the tour. I must say he started strong and it was brilliant, but I noticed a lot of the time he got the audience to sing the song on his behalf. I mean I personally love it when this happens, but after a while it was a tad overkill ygm? As the gig went on, he continued to do this, but then replayed the song and sang all the way through, defo made up for this!

Me ft. Lonely Straw on the floor

I was surprised when he came off the stage and into the crowd (well near the front), and the crowd flippin loved it! I must say as well as the gig itself, the crowd was amazing and really did add to the vibe. I mean my friend and I ended up dancing with random people and eve got our pics taken (bonus – I know, I’m easily pleased).

Overall it was brill to go and see a gig in in a different city, especially a grime one as because I normally just stick to London. Also Manny is my uni city so woop woop!

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