Soap and Glory Sundays: Product Review Pt.1

So over Christmas time, I received a fabulous Soap and Glory gift set (The Whole Glam Lot) from Boots and I think it’s a great way to try out products you would never normally purchase. 2016’s set came in a metal travel case and was full with body care, facial skincare and a bit of make up. Having used about half of these products so far, I have decided to review a product from it every week and let you know how they have or haven’t been working for me.

Soap and Glory: The Whole Glam Lot

So I thought I’d begin with a classic Soap and Glory product: The Righteous Body Butter.

In this set, a full size (300ml) is given which is amazing in itself! My initial thoughts about this cream is that it smells so good, it must be perfumed and not great for my skin, but I was so wrong. With shea butter and coconut oil being the central ingredients, it’s a great product to use after shaving and exfoliation.

A little bit of this product goes a long way so don’t feel tempted to plop a load on, because it really is very rich. I found that this is best to use after having a shower when your pores are opened and can absorb the cream a lot better.

I tried this product for a month and I can my skin reaped the benefit! Not only was my skin moisturised all day long, but I found that after about a week, I could miss days out and my skin would still feel great.  T

The scent of this Body Butter is emulated across a lot of Soap and Glory classics, so f you prefer odourless products, this butter is not for you. It’s a great way to lightly perfume yourself and not waste your expensive fragrances. I found that the light scent lasts pretty much the best part of the day.

TIP: Before going out rub a little Righteous Butter on the back of your lags and in the crease of your elbow to keep the scent lasting longer.

Pick up you Righteous Butter here:

Picture: Perisha Kudhail

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