Thrifty Thursdays: Garnier Skin Active Tissue Mask

I’m back with the second of my Thrifty Thursday series! Today I’ve chosen the Moisture Bomb, Tissue Mask from Garnier’s Skin Active Range. This is a thrifty alternative to getting a moisturising facial at the spa, as it leaves your skin feeling hydrated for a week!

I decided to choose this mask because it worked so well for it’s price point. It was only a couple of pounds and is great for travelling and using after a hectic week.

Garnier, Moisture Bomb, Tissue Mask

To get the most out of this mask,  I started by cleansing and exfoliating my face (check out my Winter Hacks Blog to make your own scrub). I then peeled the mask and put it gel side down on my face. The packet says to leave on for 15 mins, but  I found the longer you keep it on the better. Feel free to use this time to get on with some odd jobs or work. I’m actually wearing one whilst writing this blog! Then peel off and massage the excess into your face.

That is why this mask is so great for travelling, because there is no water required. What a great way to step off a plane!

Tips: I used this mask after popping it in the fridge to magnify the cooling effect and make my skin feel extra hydrated.

If you have extra gel on the mask, try massaging into you hands, it’ll make them feel great.

Try it out for yourself

Homemade scrub

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